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lakeview being caught on videotape and posted on the internet good afternoon i am dan ponce in for steve sanders and don dina bair we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country and wgn america and on the web. muriel clair is live with a report from police headquarters ... >>police are not ruling out that there will soon be more arrests. >>darren haze of hammond indiana
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is encaustic the with three charges of battery in conjunction with an attack on a man sunday night in the lakeview committee boys town section ... a 25 year-old man was stabbed to after a melee started from he rode verbal exchange videos facebook and tips from them community have been key ... the video was well publicized and gave us a lot of information on the people involved we saw good pictures of the people involved after that people came forward to give misinformation and names of people who were involved once we
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had a face our detective was able to get an and manage from facebook but we had no name associated we had an anonymous source from the african-american community come forward to provide us with a name. he turned himself and and the investigation is far from over the young beating victim is ok. a 24 year-old prison and made is being questioned downstate in the murder of chicago police officer michael bailey. officer billy was shot in july of last year while cleaning his new car outside of his south side home after completing an overnight shift guarding mayor daley's house the men questioned was sent downstate after an arrest last september on vehicular hijacking and weapons charges at
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the time he was on parole for a 2009 conviction for an aggravated battery to a police officer and a 2008 drug conviction officer billy was a month from retirement when he died. >>the suspect in the 1957 murder of a girl on sycamore says he has an ironclad alibi jack daniel mccullough is charged with maria ripoffs murder and is being held in jail in washington state the tribune reports that mccullough says he could not have committed the murder because his father drove him to chicago for military medical exams he says military personnel records should exonerate him ... >>in michigan the man who went on a rampage of murder killing seven people has turned the gun on himself. the suspect rodrick dantzler reportedly killed themselves during a police standoff. the attacks began yesterday afternoon in grand rapids when he killed four people and one home and three more at another home. two victims were children. he ran
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into a home after police chase and took hostages. >>he has been troubled for as long as we all can remember. police did not say what led to the deadly attacks on officer said there's just no making sense of this tragedy. >>a chicago teenagers charged to the beating death of another chicago teen and indiana is out on bond 19 year-old james malecek is accused of punching 17 year-old kevin kennelly during a fight in long beach indiana on monday cannily died from head injuries onak's de malacek is charged with aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter his surrender to police yesterday and he was released after posting $25,000 bail >>kevin was a great guy everybody loved him and jake was a great kid to i spent summers with him on the beach i never saw him get angry i don't know what happened that night
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>>visitation for calais is today from 4 to 8:00 p.m. at mount carmel high school where he was a student malik check to back in court next thursday >>chicago police arrested four men in connection with major citywide are a theft ring on the west side theo poole teresias young and justin abraham are all in being charged with three felony counts of possessing a stolen motor vehicle james stafford is charged with one felony count of removing a vehicle there rest of the result of a formal investigation dubbed operation payback police said the men used various methods to still luxury model cars the vehicles were relocated to a chop shop and the 4200 block of west cellmark the cars were stripped down and parts were sold for cash investigators estimate that the ring stole about five to 10 vehicles per week.
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>>illinois to become el station @ banned people from carrying concealed weapons. wisconsin gov. scott walker scheduled to sign a bill a section and lived in the state's ban on public and possession. people get a permit to go through training will be let to carry concealed weapons most public buildings and supporters argue concealed carrying his constitutional right opponents say it will put more guns in the street will not cut down on crime ... >>the space shuttle atlantis blasted off just a short time ago marking the end of an era for the sugar program. >shuttle program ... >>nasa with its own weather rules to advance the left off thousands of people gathered at the kennedy space center to watch the launch some chanted u s a and others shed tears here in chicago hundreds of people watched the shuttle's final
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launch from the adler planetarium nancy loo is live there with the report. >>about 100 summer school kids and space enthusiasts pack the screening room here at the adler to watch the end of an era for many employees here the shuttle program is all they have known and why they chose their profession and there is pride over all that has been accomplished over these last three decades >>ever since grade school i went to space camp i've been living the dream it has been a part of my life for a long time. >>the adler is marking the end of the nasa program with the start of a major new exhibit
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today the deep space adventure experience follows a $14 million remic bashan of the planetarium don't to bring viewers and immerse of theater experience and inspire future space explorers some watched their first and last shuttle liftoff here this morning ... next at noon and former aide to british prime minister david cameron is arrested in connection with the tabloid phone hacking scandal in getting out of jail s in test thought what caused that 4 day delay and a [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because
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it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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tragedy struck a major league baseball game last night when a fan fell from the stands and
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died we warn you ... the video may be disturbing to some of you. it happened last night at a texas rangers came a man reached over a railing to catch a ball that a player tossed into the stands he fell head first to the ground and died from injuries out hospital the man's young son was standing next to his father and he saw him fall. >>it was awful year knew he wasn't going to land on his feet he was not in view when he fell so you couldn't see the and ... >>a juror in the casey anthony trial says he wishes the panel could have found her guilty and anthony was acquitted on charges she murdered her daughter caylee. based on the time served and good behavior she will be released from prison on july 17th she was originally supposed to leave jail on july 13th the
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man known as juror no. 2 is speaking out about the case. he said there was not enough evidence to convict casey anthony and the juries jurors wasn't an easy one. >>the british newspaper news of the world may be closing its doors but british prime minister is opening up a wide scale investigation at his former aide is the first arrest in hacking scandal the prime minister's former communications director andy coulson was taken into custody he served as prime minister after resigning as editor of the paper. newspaper owner rupert murdoch is facing a backlash at a time he was looking to expand his influence in great britain's media some 4000 accounts were illegally hacked ... victims of terror attacks as well as the celebrities retargeted murdoch closed the paper after all advertisers pulled out sunday will be the last edition. >>the paris prosecutor's office opened a preliminary
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investigation today into accusations by a french writer the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn try to rape her. tristane banon filed a complaint this week saying that strauss- kahn attacked her during an interview for the project in 2003 prosecutors say the investigation could take months to determine whether travelers needed stress, is also accused of attempted rape of a new york made in may but both charges may be dropped. >>the royal couple will arrive in the united states today and they've already gone country at the duke and duchess of cambridge each were massive matching white cowboy hats and jeans to our reception for the calgary stampede in cabincavity yesterday they are taking part in special parade today before boarding a plane to l.a. royals will spend the last three days of their north american tour in california ... coming up next the day's top business stories
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i am angie lau for bloomberg news ... >>we've had a disappointing june jobs report we are getting a major sell-off on wall street the dow is down more than 110 points it is shaken by the labor department reports the labor department's reported fewer jobs were added much less than what economists predicted ... the unemployment rate was unexpectedly up ... billionaire investor warren
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buffett predicts that employment will surge when the housing market eventually rebounds he predicts that the unemployment rate will drop to 6 percent but it will take a couple of years ... thanks to tax hikes we sought in january in illinois it is paying off the state collected 3.4 additional billions of dollars ... concerns about the economy and jobs are seeing witnesses at shopping centers ... retailers are cutting back on space and closing doors regional mall vacancies have climbed to the highest levels on record and it all goes back to jobs ...
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the june jobs report was surprising is there any reaction from the president >>the president says we have a long way to go down a lot of work to do ... preaching to the choir ... obama says that congress can help extend jobs by extending the payroll tax cuts ... according to a bloomberg national poll 42 percent of americans believe that there are worse off thatn the day president obama took office ... >>the dave matthews band caravan has arrived but some chicago
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residents are not on board with a concert at story is coming up next and if you have ever suffered sunburn you know how painful it debate later in the medical watch how the roots of that pain could help researchers and live music this midday from dave wakeling catcher with his band the english beat in west chicago tonight and in rosemont tamara omorrow..
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there is a chance of rain on sunday ... we were hammered last week on friday and saturday but from chicago west this is the driest june into july and a long time. we haven't had much accumulated
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rainfall we need the rain. there is a monsoon condition in the southwest. there is a hot air dome and oklahoma they are into the 10th day of hundred degree temperatures ... wichita falls texas oklahoma arkansas are all at or above 100 degrees ... we are doing well here in chicago some inches around areas around st.
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louis yesterday had quite a lot of rain fall ... and there's a big storm heading to the big cities of the east coast and the nation's capital ... ... thunderstorms coming from the dakota area may reach us by sunday or monday ... it is in the 70 degree temperature area near the lake ... it's 86 in naperville kankakee is 84 degrees it's a gorgeous day here in chicago on the northwest side near our studio and o'hare is
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just above 80 ... water temperatures on our shoreline have been had a season-high 73 yesterday's 70 the day before ... the hornstorms hitting the downstate area cooling things off ... it has been a hot summer in the southern plains ... this will be the warmest weekend the yetyet this
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summer there is a lack of moisture piping's will bounce back once reigned comes and we are heading to the pollination. for the corn crop ... we need the rain. it will be 91 degrees on sunday with no lake cooling ... it will be 70 degrees near the lake superior shore line up by marquette. it will be in the '80s everywhere else along lakeside community isties..
12:33 pm
the air mass is heating up and that will continue through the weekend giving us the warmest day sunday ... we have flowed to moderate allergy conditions ... >>thunderstorms will begin to direct through wisconsin and will hit the northern counties of illinois on sunday. there's a powerful jet stream travelling across the region that will send all the wind energy self there
12:34 pm
is a potential for severe weather and downpours by monday ... there is a rain corridor through the mid-atlantic states and the nation's capital heavy rains there today. bright sunshine in chicago highs today and the high 80s we will have a comfortable sleeping knight in the '60s
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the forecast could not be nicer for the next couple of days. 78 at the beaches. are there warm moderate humidity sunny and warm tomorrow 88 degrees inland 83 at the beaches sunday mostly sunny and warm we will all be in the low 90s with a slight chance of a thunderstorm late in the day with some gusty wind. the better chance of rain is for monday. we have a philosophy and the trivia today who wrote beyond
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that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. time now for sports thanks to many of you paul konerko is an all-star. he says his mom probably voted for him a million times but the rest of the 8.4 million votes came from the fans. this is his fifth all-star selection ... >>i still respect the game i don't think for me you ever play long enough or do enough we're going to the all-star game is and the biggest deal. >>but the same story for the sox against minnesota first inning joe mauer with an rbi single he even played first base last night later in the fourth again he had three hits he drove in
12:39 pm
another run and then paul konerko flipped the ball away for another run to score phil humber rocked for six runs the sox lost to minnesota 6-2 which is very characteristic for them since july of 2009 there sixth and 27 against the minnesota twins ... >>this was have and i started for the chicago cubs carlos pena took a ball of the face in a seven run national's third inning the cubs were down and nothing but scored six in the sixth inning and then in the seventh carlos pena tied the game at 8 with a two run homer and they went 9-8 before the nationalist tied the game and and and a ninth-inning darwin barney doubled in tony campana that was the winning run the cubs won 10-9 avoid this week they're in desperate for three games ... >> that's a look at sports your
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live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon everyone these other midday winning lottery numbers for friday july 8, 2011 we wish to the best of luck the first game is pick three: the winning numbers are 3 7 3
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now the pick for gameur game: the winning numbers are 4 5 5 3 be sure you have a mega millions ticket for tonight at drawing a $16 million ...
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on the medical watch and new study could give released to people disabled by disabled by an untreatable chest pain scientists at northwestern university injected bone marrow stem cells into the hearts of 167 patients with severe angina or lack of blood to the heart that there be cut the number of chest pain incidents in half previous research has even shown that bone marrow cells can create new blood vessels and dead heart muscle european experts said the work is still at an early stage however and long-term benefits are not yet known new research gives older women a reason to consider taking vitamin d a review of clinical trials and that those who took vitamin d 3 supplements were 6 percent less likely to die during study periods averaging two years the studies were mostly donald of the women and nursing homes the studies also found those who survived
12:45 pm
had an increased risk for kidney stones researchers and not sure what effect vitamin d supplements would be on hand the research was reported in reuter's health new clues as to why sunburn is so painful scientists in london say over exposure to the sun truce a particular protein in the body when that pertain as over expressed triggers pain and inflammation associated with sunburnt they're hoping use his findings to focus on other types of inflammatory pain associated [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. it's one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. one a day menopause formula.
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it smells like scrumptious barbecue on our paddock patio
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todaypatio today the owner of cute be the cute and lagrangeqbbq in lagrange michael lapis is here with us today ... we are making brisket today it's the toughest it meetmeat to cook.. many cultures have different ways of cooking brisket but the texans they smoke for hours and make it really tender ... there is no
12:49 pm
right or wrong when you are trying to cover this with rob this is made with brown sugar paprika pepper and all those good spices ... what we are going to do is take this piece of meat we're gonna put it on to this smoker and cook the meat for about 22 hours you need to rub all thing both sides you put the fat side up so the fat renders into the meat for those 22 hours you wanna keep a low you don't flip it the keywords
12:50 pm
are low and slow ... get it started before you go to bed and you'll have dinner in the next day ... this is a carolina sauce at our restaurant in downtown lagrange we do four different barbecue sophists we do a texas by sea, a memphis sweet and a carolina mustard that has 17 different spices is absolutely wonderful it knocks your socks off and then we do a traditional carolina vinegar it's a watery sauce used in the carolinas we have put that up a notch and added spice to that ... that
12:51 pm
carolina barbecue sauce just gives the meet a little bit of tang ... this has cider vinegar and tomato paste and we roasted onions in there that's part of the sauce and the relish that we make other ingredients ... tomato sauce and yellow mustard and someone said today that you really can't go wrong with putting mustard and anything this mixture will simmer for about one hour and when this is don what we do is we strain the onion out of here and we're
12:52 pm
going to put the gun and into the beansonion into the beans.. so we're real purpose those onions ... and wait despite the beans with a little bit of that barbecue sauce and with the magic of television we have a cooked breasts getoked brisket.. the restaurant
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is at 70 south lagrange road and lagrange through july 31st q-bbq will donate $2 from every pappa q sampler purchased to the h foundation for cancer research ... that's as depression is a serious medical condition. i feel like i have to wind myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq -- a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: who wrote beyond good and evil? the answer is.... friedrich nietzsche. it looks beautiful today. the
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big story will bay the buildup of humanity there are basic grains east of uidity there are big rains east of us ... but it, get to sunday it will be 90 degree temperatures we will have storms on monday it will cool off on tuesday and then we began the warm push again on wednesday ...
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happy friday. thank you for joining us today had a great weekend ... we will leave you with some more live music from brett dennen...
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